The Community Project

Koumoritei Renovation



Koumoritei is the first of our two offices in Japan. It is an old farmhouse in Kunisaki, which we have converted for business use. The building had been empty for over 17 years before we took it over and has since become the symbolic core of the Community Project. 

The office has been reconstructed with the aid of local craftsmen using timber sourced from the area. An excellent natural air flow through the office means that in the summer months we have no need for air conditioning, just using fans on particularly hot days.

We have a wood-burning stove for warmth in the winter months, which uses logs sourced from our own coppiced woodlands.
We have also installed a simple but effective composting toilet and all lighting is low-energy LED. Retaining walls on the surrounding plot of land have been constructed using local rocks. 

Two of our properties have solar panels for generating electricity. As soon as we can, we plan to increase the number of panels, add storage batteries and introduce electric vehicles to our company fleet.


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