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Sustainable futures for rural Japan


About Us

At the Japan Travel Company we see travel as a way for people to discover Japan from a new perspective; to find appreciation for the quaint everyday happenings and the history which crafted them.

Our goal is to enrich travellers and local communities alike through unique relationships between tourism, agriculture and regional development. 

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What We Do



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    Our approach to travel is to go beyond the typical sightseeing attractions and immerse visitors in the authentic culture, environments and communities of Japan.

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    Farming and Conservation

    We aim to maintain the traditional Japanese farming landscape, known as Satoyama, and its thriving ecosystems through sustainable land management and agricultural practices.

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    The Community Project in Ota Village

    Our project helps the communities of two small, rural valleys on the picturesque Kunisaki Peninsula in Oita Prefecture maintain their society and environment with the long-term vision of providing the area with a sustainable and viable future.

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Our Base in Ota Village 

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Ota is a charming rural village of 1100 inhabitants located on the scenic Kunisaki Peninsula, an area rich in Shinto-Buddhist history and home to landscapes and ecosystems recognized as Globally Important Agricultural Heritage System (GIAHS). 

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Ota Estates 

Established March 2020, Ota Estates uses the unique synergy between tourism and agriculture to create a sustainable future for the farming community and new opportunities for rural livelihood. 

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  • Rice planting

    Rice planting

  • Organic Vegetable Cultivation

    Organic Vegetable Cultivation

  • Farming Experience Programme

    Farming Experience Programme

  • Residential Stays

    Residential Stays


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