Yokodake Summer Festival 

Every year in August local volunteers put together an exciting collection of events for the Yokodake Summer Festival, including a School brass band and other student performances, a rice cooking competition using cauldron-like 'Hagama' pots and a deafening shouting competition known as 'Oranjimirankae'.

yokotakematsuri event.jpg 



Mori no Oto

The annual event held every August at Mori no Oto is packed with nature-based activities, from tree climbing to kids survival courses families can enjoy all that the forest has to offer. 

morinooto event.jpg



Doburoku Festival at the Shirahige-Tahara Shrine

For over 1300 years the Doburoku Festival has been held at Shirahige-Tahara Shrine to celebrate a good harvest of five different grains. The festival began in 710 A.D. and is celebrated yearly on the 17th and 18th October with newly brewed, unrefined Sake served in traditional sakazuke shallow bowls to drink and dedicate to the deity. Shirahige-Tahara is the only shrine in Kyushu with a sake brewing licence and produces Doburoku for the festival. 


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