The Japan Travel Company



Established November 2010
The Japan Travel Company was founded as a land operator to provide reservation services to Walk Japan, a Hong Kong based tour operator. Whilst Walk Japan plans and recruits for the tours, our work involves creating and managing bookings for inbound customers. Visitors hail from all over the world, including The USA, Australian, Europe, Singapore, Hong Kong and more. Please see below for more details on tour participants. 

May 2015 
Governor Hirose of Oita Prefecture visited The Japan Travel Company in acknowledgement of our successful regional revitalisation efforts. This included maintaining a rural base which provided employment, effectively attracting visitors to the area and maintaining the Satoyama landscape. 

July 2015
The Japan Travel Company was granted class 2 travel agency status in Japan, allowing for more specific outound operations, planning and reservations. 





Company Name
The Japan Travel Company Ltd. 

Date of establishment 
November 11th 2010 

Head office
   Oita Prefecture 
   Kitsuki City 
   Ishimaru 1094-2

Areas of business 
1. Travel Agency : Travel Agents Licence Number (Tokyo)  2-7119
2. Travel Business 
3. Collection, planning and sales of travel information and material
4. Travel and regional revitalisation consultancy

3, 000, 000 JPY

Mizuho Bank, Oita Branch 
Mitsui Sumitomo Bank, Oita Branch 

Number Of Employees 
Full-time staff : 23  
Part-time staff : 9

President / Representative Director: Paul Christie  
Director: Mihoko Christie
Director: Llewelyn Thomas 
Auditor:  Nomura Harukazu

Year - Tours operated - Tour Participants    
2014  - 180 Tours - 1350 Participants   
2015  - 260 Tours - 1830 Participants   
2016  - 380 Tours - 2159 Participants   
2017  - 478 Tours - 2591 Participants   
2018  - 619 Tours - 3797 Participants    
2019  - 725 Tours - 4440  Participants

Travel Agents Licence Number (Tokyo)  2-7119

Contact Information
Email : 
Fax : 0978-58-3525


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